Specialized Master's Degree

Acquire the Essential Skills To Successfully Manage a Business Unit.
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  • Language:English
  • Next intake:October 2023
  • Format:Part-time
  • Location(s):Doha, Qatar
  • LENGTH:15-18 months
  • TUITION FEES:$69,000

Acquire the Essential Skills To Successfully Manage a Business Unit.
Take the Next Step. Introduce Yourself.

  • Language:English
  • Next intake:October 2023
  • Format:Part-time
  • Locations:Doha, Qatar
  • LENGTH:15-18 months
  • TUITION FEES:$69,000


Business Unit Managers who are capable of innovating, detecting new opportunities, and implementing increasingly high-performance processes are a source of vital competitive advantage for their companies.

This program enables you to develop the wide, multidisciplinary skills to more effectively manage the teams you lead and to successfully run your business unit or company in the future.

Step back from your daily routines to reflect upon yourself, your organization, and your role in the business world.

Why choose our Specialized Master’s Degree?

Specialized Master’s Degree in Strategic Business Unit Management

  • State-of-the-art program design and learning methods
  • Focus on the practical application of learnings
  • Integration of latest global business trends and developments
  • Emphasis on responsible leadership
  • Access to a powerful network of Alumni



This program enables you to:

  • Acquire the necessary know-how to successfully lead a Business Unit
  • Develop greater managerial acumen
  • Enhance your leadership and people management skills
  • Adopt a genuinely entrepreneurial and innovative approach to management
  • Advance your career


Core curriculum

Designed as a practical foundation for managing a business unit or creating your own company, you will have the opportunity to learn and implement the latest models and international best practices part of your professional development.

Part 1: Business Fundamentals (Core Program)

  • Managing Human Capital and Careers
  • Designing Business Unit Strategies
  • Setting Marketing Strategy
  • Deploying Management Accounting and Control
  • Optimizing Business Operations and Supply Chains
  • Orchestrating Business Excellence


Part 2: Innovation and Transformation

  • Corporate Innovation
  • Digital Transformation in Organizations
  • Innovating Finance
  • Big Data and Analytics for Decision-Making
  • Digital Marketing
  • Trends in Innovation and Emerging Technology


Part 3: Leadership

  • Understanding the Business Environment
  • Developing the Leader
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Sustaining the Leader’s Success
  • Sharpening Negotiation Skills

Financing options*

Investing in your professional development requires a commitment both in time and money. We encourage participants to plan ahead and to explore multiple financing options, including government funding, corporate support, bank loans and scholarships which may be available from external organizations. HEC Paris in Qatar is committed to facilitating enrollment in our programs, and makes several scholarships, grants and discounts available to admitted candidates. 

Qatari nationals may be eligible for scholarships through the Ministry of Education. For more details, please visit the Ministry of Education and Higher Education website. 

*Scholarships, discounts and grants are applicable only for self-funded participants. 


This scholarship, open to Specialized Master’s participants, seeks to encourage the development of women who have the potential to make a significant impact in the economic, social, or political spheres and who will benefit from developing their leadership potential through the Specialized Master’s program.

This scholarship is open to Specialized Master’s participants, of any nationality, demonstrating significant international professional experience and achievement.

This scholarship is open to Specialized Master’s participants who demonstrate their commitment and significant personal or professional contribution to issues related to climate change and sustainability, either in their community or their organization.


This scholarship is open to Specialized Master’s participants who have shown business excellence in entrepreneurship.

Participants can apply to only one scholarship category. Two rounds of applications for scholarships: September and November. Each scholarship represents an amount of up to USD 8,000.
* Scholarships, discounts and grants are applicable only for self-funded participants.


Up to 15% off tuition fee for individuals from an established corporate partner of HEC Paris in Qatar.

10% off tuition fee. Applied to those who make a full upfront payment of program tuition fees by the deadline indicated.

10% off tuition fee for enrolled participants who were referred by an immediate member of the family (sibling, spouse, aunt, or uncle).

Must be indicated at the application stage.

10% off tuition fee. Available to those submitting a fully completed application by the deadline of 31st July 2023

10% off tuition fee for Qatar Foundation Partner Universities graduates (branch campus only).


**Maximum combined discount applicable: 20%


USD 5,000 is available to those in HR-related functions at the time of enrollment.

USD 5,000 is available to those living outside of Qatar and who are flying to Doha to participate in the Specialized Master’s program.


Contact us

For more information on individual and corporate financing, please contact our Admissions team:

  • Call: +974 4141 3200 
  • Email: admissions-qatar@hec.fr



Take the next step. Introduce yourself.

Candidates are admitted to the Specialized Master’s program on a rolling basis. It normally takes 2-4 weeks for candidates to go through the entire admissions process. Please review our admissions page for more details. 


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