Advanced Management Program

Preparing today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges.
Tomorrow is our business.

  • Language:English
  • Next intake:TBC
  • Format:Modular part-time, face-to-face
  • Location(s):Doha, Riyadh, Paris
  • LENGTH:6- 8 months
  • TUITION FEES:$49,250

Preparing today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges​​​​​.
Tomorrow is our business.

  • Language:English
  • Next intake:TBC
  • Format:Modular part-time, face-to-face
  • Locations:Doha, Riyadh, Paris
  • LENGTH:6- 8 months
  • TUITION FEES:$49,250

The Advanced Management Program is a program designed to enhance your leadership skills to drive excellence in your organization. Whether you are a C-level executive, an experienced senior-level manager, or a business owner, the program brings global and regional practices and shapes your versatility so you can stay ahead of the competition. Modules take place in Doha, Riyadh, and Paris, bringing together outstanding participants from different backgrounds and industries.

Program Key Takeaways

One of the most difficult challenges for senior leaders is navigating organizational uncertainty. Navigating in a context of global economic uncertainty, disruption, technological changes, and shifting customer behavior often forces leaders to create an accelerated pace. This agility will continue to be essential. Your organization’s leadership and ability to learn faster than competitors may well be the only true sustainable competitive advantage. Partnering with us as one of the world’s top executive education institutions and joining this unique new program can help your organization and leaders leap and stay ahead of others.

Custom-designed for C-level executives experienced senior-level managers and business owners. 



•    State-of-the-art program and learning methods  
•    Designed specifically for the region 
•    Exchange knowledge with outstanding participants
•    Accelerate your growth through hands-on personal development 

Program content

Enhance your leadership skills to drive excellence in your organization

Leaders need to continue to invest in themselves in order to drive growth in the organization. Knowing your blind spots, addressing them, and leading change are critical in a fast-paced competitive environment. As a leader and the leader of an organization, you need to be conscious of the challenges you face in how to ensure sustainable success.

Today, we see that many challenges still remain for leaders.  

The Advanced Management Program is designed to address your needs as a business leader who drives change in your organization, manages digital transformation, aligns the business systems and resources to achieve better results, and inspires the team to create value to reach company goals. 

The program is structured around several core elements that help you:

  • Provide strategic direction
  • Put strategic projects in alignment
  • Rejuvenate your organization through innovation
  • Be an inspirational and engaging leader for your team and organization.

By the end of the program, you will be able to:
- Leverage a compelling vision, mission, and purpose for yourself and your organization
- Prioritize your leadership efforts
- Provide strategic direction for the corporate and business levels 
- Add value through sound corporate governance
- Diversify and scale smartly across markets, product/ service portfolios, and value webs
- Ensure high engagement, well-being, and enhanced organizational energies
- Prepare strategic innovation and optimize strategy execution
- Understand digital transformation and how it affects your organization and its strategy
- Embrace and organize for uncertainty
- Orchestrate better decision-making

Learning Journey

Equip yourself for driving tomorrow’s business growth.
Our program is offered in a modular format, consisting of 5 modules (21 days) of on-campus learning and one module (3 days) of virtual learning.

(4 days Saturday – Tuesday, Doha)
Transformational leadership 

•    Leverage personal and organizational purpose 
•    Explore strength-based leadership
•    Prioritize leadership efforts
(4 days Saturday – Tuesday, Riyadh)
Ensure organizational alignment

•   Leverage personal and organizational purpose
•   Add value through the corporate governance
•   Design effective cluster and platform strategies
(4 days Saturday – Tuesday, Doha)
Rejuvenate organizations

•    Build personal and organizational resilience
•    Evaluate and monitor investment projects
•    Innovate with design thinking
(4 days Saturday – Tuesday, Riyadh)
Engage for growth 

•    Foster growth mindsets
•    Energize individuals, teams, and organizations
•    Develop talents and leverage international diversity
(5 days Monday – Friday,
HEC Paris Main Campus)
Drive digital transformation 

•    Drive digital transformation
•    Simulate change in turbulent times
•    Sustain your success
(3 days)
Accelerate your growth 

•    Coaching
•    Problem-solving
•    Guest speakers series


Action Learning Project 

 Action Learning Project Accompanied by a dedicated project advisor, participants identify one concrete aspiration or challenge to address in their organizations and develop a detailed solution based on insights from the program.


Coaching Approach

  • Overall philosophy: Our coaching focuses on practical solutions and builds genuine strengths amongst program participants.
  • Prioritization of asking better questions: We combine data from leadership surveys and our program content with our high-impact coaching techniques.
  • Coach certifications and quality assurance: All coaches are accredited and trained in the philosophy of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Scheduling: We debrief all leadership tools jointly in plenary and add one-on-one coaching sessions to accelerate progress.

Admission Process

Qualified candidates will be provided a link to the online application form. 

Candidates will be asked to provide an updated CV and will provide details on their professional experience and motivation for the program. An interview is also required prior to final admission to the program.

Admission Process

If you have any questions about the admissions process, you can contact

More Information

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Meet your Academic Director

Degree Award and Alumni Status

Successful completion of the AMP can lead to the award of academic credit towards the Global Executive Master in Management (GEMM) program. Participants interested in pursuing this degree program must complete an additional HEC Paris certificate or its equivalent, along with a professional thesis. Graduates of the GEMM enjoy full alumni status at HEC Paris.