April 2024

HEC Paris in Qatar Empowers Women to Reshape the Business Landscape

Driven by the mission to nurture female leadership and unlock the immense potential of women in business, HEC Paris in Qatar is at the forefront of empowering women to reshape the region's corporate landscape. Through transformative programs and cutting-edge research, the institution is equipping organizations with the tools and strategies to foster diversity, inclusivity, and gender parity – key catalysts for innovation and sustainable growth.

Doha, Qatar – 30 April 2024: HEC Paris in Qatar, ranked #1 in the world by the Financial Times for Executive Education, hosted a panel discussion that explored the need for new, inclusive leadership models to drive organizational growth and innovation, accelerating the representation of women in leadership roles across the region.

Recently, the business school delivered transformative Women in Leadership programs to a major oil company in Qatar and at the Kuwait Institute of Banking Studies (KIBS), equipping participants with the skills and confidence to advance into leadership roles.

HEC Paris in Qatar's transformative programs for empowering women leaders are informed by research from Dr. Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj, Associate Professor at HEC Paris in Qatar and an expert in innovation, leadership, and diversity. Her publications include 'Take The Lead: How Women Leaders are Driving Success through Innovation’, ‘Futureproof Your Career', and 'Championing Women Leaders Beyond Sponsorship'. These books serve as a rich knowledge base, informing the curriculum and content for the business school's initiatives aimed at empowering women and leveraging their leadership potential within organizations. By integrating the latest research and best practices, HEC Paris in Qatar equips participants with invaluable strategies and frameworks to overcome barriers and thrive in their professional journeys.

"By nurturing a regional pipeline of talented and capable women leaders, we are positively impacting business growth, organizational development, and economic expansion, thereby contributing to national vision goals," commented Dr. Pablo Martin de Holan, Dean of HEC Paris in Qatar.

This vision was brought to life at the recent panel discussion, titled 'Take the Lead: The Need For New Models of Leadership', was held at Qatar National Library on the 30th of April, and brought together a distinguished panel of regional change-makers moderated by Dr. Shaheena.

The panel comprised Fatima Sultan Al Kuwari, Group Chief Human Resources Officer at Ooredoo Group and the first woman to be appointed to Ooredoo Kuwait's Board; Dr Abdulla Al Mehshadi, CEO of Al Wa'ab City and a Board member of Qatar Leadership Center Alumni and Qatar Society of Engineers; Hisham Nourin, Executive Director of Strategy, Administration and Projects at Qatar Foundation; and Camelia Olteanu, Vice President Group Operations Excellence at the QNB Group. They shared their unique perspectives on the root causes of the gender gap and the imperative for organizations to embrace diversity as a catalyst for innovation and growth.

"By promoting diversity and gender equality, organizations can shape sustainable and resilient cultures that foster belonging and groundbreaking ideas," said Dr. Shaheena, drawing from her latest book, 'Take the Lead', which examines how leaders can challenge career-limiting assumptions and leverage diversity as a strategic advantage.

"The role of leaders is crucial in fostering inclusive cultures. To strengthen the pipeline of female talent, we need to move past the one-and-done mindset and normalize female leaders in all sectors of business, government and wider society.Qatar has a strong profile of women leaders, and the pipeline of highly educated women creates a solid foundation for equitable opportunities, benefiting organizations through female leadership," Dr. Shaheena.

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