May 2024

Leading in Times of Paradoxes

Leading increasingly involves dealing with irresolvable tensions that often persist over time. It is not merely a matter of reaching a compromise between two opposing goals, maximizing gains, or reducing risks. The real challenges of leadership resemble more of a balancing act amidst opposites, calling for sustaining alternatives over time that are both interdependent and contradictory. How can we achieve pressing short-term goals without sacrificing long-term objectives? How can we be innovative and bold in seeking alternatives—departing from what has made us successful—while simultaneously guided by the desire to improve efficiency, leveraging what we excel at? These are just some of the enduring paradoxes leaders face daily. In this session, we will explore some of the pressing paradoxes of leadership and how to navigate them.


  • To understand how to structure our thinking and effectively reconcile dilemmas in our lives and at work.
  • To identify effective responses to seemingly contradictory agendas.
  • To understand emotions, build personal resilience, and communicate better in these situations.
  • To explore how to create a culture that can address tensions and flourish in them.




Professor Tomas Farchi 
Organizational Behavior HEC Paris in Qatar

Tomas' research focuses on how groups and organizations can mobilize and translate knowledge from other fields to address complex business, scientific and/or societal challenges.

His methodological approach is marked by the extensive use of in-depth qualitative and mix-method approaches, while his research contributes to organizational sociology and innovation in complex fields. His early work has focused on healthcare contexts, examining the nature of boundaries and mechanisms that influence knowledge sharing and translation on clinical teams and innovation projects, and the institutional and policy landscapes that affect them. His ongoing work has expanded to encompass complex business and social problems, exploring how solutions originated in diverse contexts can be successfully translated and embedded into new practices and ways of organizing to tackle such challenges. Tomas is a regular speaker at academic and practitioner conferences and delivers executive education programs for leading companies in a variety of industries. His research is published in leading academic journals - such as Organization Studies, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Social Science & Medicine, International Journal of Innovation Management, among others - and in academic and professional handbooks. He currently serves on the editorial board of Discover Health Systems Journal. Tomas is Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School (University of Oxford) and holds a visiting position at IAE Business School (Argentina) and RWTH Aachen Business School (Germany). He completed a Doctorate of Philosophy and Master of Science at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.


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