July 2021

VCUarts Qatar teams up with HEC Paris in Qatar for Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program

Certificate in Entrepreneurship Creative Arts to Help Test Start Up Concepts 

Hybrid online & face-to-face learning program to be delivered in four modules 

Recognizing the importance of entrepreneurship in the 21st Century, VCUarts Qatar is partnering with HEC Paris, ranked #1 in the Financial Times European Business Schools Rankings, to deliver an entrepreneurship program for students from VCUarts Qatar. 

The four-module, interactive Certificate in Entrepreneurship (Creative Arts), which will be delivered via a hybrid online and face-to-face learning model, will be launched on June 23rd and will enable VCUarts Qatar students to test their business concepts and enhance the viability of their start-up ideas. 

“This initiative follows recent HEC Paris in Qatar research on the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Qatar, which highlighted the advances in local conditions that create the potential for Qatar to become a leading entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Through this program, we are enhancing this potential, and continuing to assist the realization of Qatar’s National Vision. Entrepreneurship is a central component of economic diversification, and HEC Paris in Qatar will continue to develop and support Qatar´s transition to a diverse, knowledge-based, sustainable economy,” explained Dr. Pablo Martin de Holan, Dean, HEC Paris in Qatar

“Conventional thinking sees the art and business worlds as separate, but the reality is far different,” says Amir Berbić, Dean, VCUarts Qatar. “Creatives seek the skills that complement their art and design skillset, such as collaboration, idea generation, decision-making, and business acumen, and can help them make their way in the new economy and support job creation for themselves and others in the community. This partnership with HEC makes that happen.” 

The program is aimed at VCUarts Qatar Masters’ students, year 2 and 3 students who are nascent entrepreneurs interested in understanding how entrepreneurship can be used to create new enterprises and solutions to problems in the creative industries.  

The program, which will feature interactive lectures and exercises, simulations, and mentorship, is structured on four modules, including Ideation, Enterprise Formulation, Testing & Revision, and Implementation & Iteration. The program is directed by HEC Paris in Qatar Associate Professor Dr. Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj. A world expert in entrepreneurial leadership, Dr. Shaheena advocates the key role the creative sector plays in building the entrepreneurial economy. 

“The creative economy industries generate annual revenues of $2.25 trillion and account for 30 million jobs worldwide. Entrepreneurship provides the opportunity to create new enterprises – projects incubated in larger organizations, independently-owned commercial businesses, and social enterprises,” she explained.  

“This program, which will be enhanced by guest speakers and success case studies from the creative sector, is designed for creative arts students who are interested in learning more about the different models of enterprise and the processes involved in creating new ideas and developing this thinking into plans for implementation.” 

Program participants will be exposed to innovative start-up models, including levers for social change. They will have the opportunity to understand how to fund, launch and run a start-up and, using the latest thinking in ideation and business simulation tools will be able to test their business concepts and determine their viability. Participants will leave the program with the skills needed to determine the market appetite for their start-up concepts, to identify problems and refine solutions to create viable business propositions, as well as an understanding of the financial models and resources required to successfully run a business. 

Students wishing to apply for the certificate should contact Junita Patrick.


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